About FDC

Frank Data Consultants started from seeing a need in small, medium and large businesses to build and maintain the flow and utilization of data.  Critical business insights and significant savings are missed by not having a robust data and business analytics process.  Our founder and team of analysts have worked with companies such as  Cleveland Clinic, NASA, Major Utility companies as well as nationwide pharmaceutical companies.  

FDC’s goal is to partner with companies to provide an outside look at their data process, if there are gaps, help them fill them and then put systems and processes in place to help permanently plug those holes as well as provide visualizations and learning to the corporation to help them identify issues moving forward. 

Our mission is to empower businesses by transforming complex data into strategic insights, driving efficiency, informed decision-making, and sustainable growth.

Understand, Analyze, Act

We believe in a systematic approach to data. We begin by thoroughly understanding your unique business context and data landscape. Through detailed analysis, we uncover key insights and trends, enabling you to take informed actions that drive growth and efficiency.

Meet Lyle Frank, Our Founder

Lyle Frank, the visionary founder of Frank Data Consultants, brings over two decades of experience in the data analytics field. With a background that includes work with prestigious organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic and NASA, Lyle’s expertise is unmatched. His passion for transforming raw data into strategic insights has driven the success of numerous businesses across various industries. Lyle’s leadership and dedication to excellence ensure that every client receives tailored solutions that drive significant results and long-term growth.

Trustworthy, Secure, Efficient

At Frank Data Consultants, we prioritize the reliability and security of your data. Our meticulous organization and cutting-edge security measures ensure your data remains protected and accessible, allowing you to focus on leveraging insights for business growth.

Discover the True Potential of Your Business Data

Partner with Frank Data Consultants to transform your data into actionable insights and drive strategic growth.

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